Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seven Things Week 46

Stuff of Dad's seems to be creeping into my house. Mum is clearing some things, but only the cluttery bits (2 cartons of scrap paper and old envelopes anyone?) - none of us is ready for the other kind of clearing yet. But in the last little while I've been bringing the odd thing home. The hat I made him for his Trans Siberian Railway trip so I could wear to the snow last week, an overnight bag I use each weekend and a pair of new socks to wear under my snow boots.

In the course of moving things around, though, I found a suitcase full of manchester I thought I'd already dealt with well before this challenge was begun. I bought all of it for my "glory box" about a million years ago. Bit of a problem working in the manchester department of David Jones'. I remember buying all of it and the fantasies each played a part in. I was going to have a sunny yellow kitchen, a tasteful bathroom in grey, rose pink and maroon, and crisp white table linen with black and grey silk napkins. Ah, the 80s. Anyway, I've salvaged some of it and rehomed others. I glimpse the beginning of the stuff problem - I loved all of these things so much that I never used them, because if I had, the fantasy would be gone.

IN (6)

1 overnight bag - DAD's
1 beanie - DAD's
1 pair of socks - DAD's
1 calico shopping bag - CONFERENCE GIFT
2 vests - OP SHOP ($1 each. 1 for wearing and a black handknitted one for unravelling)

OUT (50)
4 lipsticks - BIN
1 key ring - BIN
10 face washers - GIFTS & DONATIONS
12 napkins - GIFTS & DONATIONS
4 doylies - GIFTS & DONATIONS
8 napkin rings - GIFTS & DONATIONS
4 egg cups - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 bedspread - GIFTS & DONATIONS
2 prs undies - BIN

SIAA (5)
1 Mrs Claus costume including 164" trim knitted in that hideous eyelash yarn, AND removing double sewn lace from the petticoat, taking it up 4" and resewing the lace. Remind me again how wonderful it is to DIY.

IN 6
OUT 50


Beth Bynnag said...

One of my favourite fantasies too. Well described, Taph.

Michelle said...

I should let you know that I am living your fantasy, with my sunny yellow kitchen. And dove grey bathrooms! I remember mum using that exact shade of paint in our bathroom and loo in 1987! You should have seen the lovely dove grey lamipanel that she put up in the shower recess!

Ah, memories - right?