Tuesday, July 01, 2008

You would even say it glows

The Blue Beret got its first outing last night and very welcome it was too.

It was cold, wet & windy last night. The maximum daytime temperature was 12 degrees and it was considerably less than that and blowy and pissing down with rain by 4.30pm when we rocked up to Canberra Stadium to sell red noses.

The aim was to sell 10,000 noses and raise $20,000 for SIDS and Kids and in the process set the world record for the most red noses in one spot.

Due to the effin awful inclement weather, the attendance at the match was less than stellar; only 9,109 to be exact. Thirty volunteers sold 5433 noses and raised more than $10,500 and probably set a world record. I think we'll call it a success.

Oh, and the Raiders lost to the Sharks 24 to 36. The umpiring was pretty bloody awful, but they were outclassed by the Sharks early on and never really got back. Pity really, and because OF's parents decided not to go to the match we had their BRILLIANT members' seats for the second half. See that, right on the 50m line (centre of the pitch), 3 rows back. I could even see Ricky Stuart's bald patch really well through the sleet. Did I mention it was cold?


Michelle said...

I was thinking of those going to the footy last night, when it was so cold and wet. To be honest, I'm amazed they got 9000!

Fab seats though. Lucky you! Pity we lost.

Kate said...

Good grief, what is it about Canberra, big matches and snow? Brrrr.

Hey, did I tell you about a TTWCjr spotting? Here is the link:

Jejune said...

Good effort on selling that many red noses, even on such a vile night! Glad the blue beret got to go out for the first time - I'm sure it kept you toasty warm - on the head at least :D

Love the red nose 'eating' the cap brim - looks like Pacman ;)

TinkingBell said...

Excellent effort - and great seats - (hell - with those seats even I would have gone!!)

Beth Bynnag said...

Well done. You are brave! I have to disagree with Tinkingbell though. Despite the fact that I come from the rugby league heartland that is Newcastle, I don't think anything will ever get me to a game, even if it was played in summer!

Kate said...

What a great result (with the Red Noses at least - it sucks that Canberra lost!). Did you advertise them as nose warmers?

Love the Blue Beret, it looks deliciously toasty.

Taphophile said...

Oh yes, they were definitely marketed as nosewarmers; also ear cuffs and perfectly adequate, given the conditions, to protect the modest of potential streakers ;).