Saturday, October 11, 2008

Seven Things Week 58

It rather looks like I'm not trying. Not quite true. I'm spending a fair bit of time dealing with Dad's accumulation of papers and realia. It takes a lot of emotional energy - far more than dealing with my own stuff. I have to be fair to everyone involved, negotiate with the rest of the family, find places for things to go and then physically remove them. I'm just starting on his library. As I gave him most of the books in it, and it is quite extensive, and as he insisted on a dedication for every book, I'm reliving birthdays, Christmases and Fathers' Days and it's fucking tough. So if I don't have the wherewithall at home to do more than create garter stitch scarves in garish colours and worry about not finding seven things of my own to dispose of, you'll just have to bear with me.

IN (3)
1 Tupperware container - new, I had a little accident at a Tupperware party a couple of weeks ago
2 knitting magazines - newsagency on a low day when VK was in stock. I'm only human.

OUT (10)
1 pr jeans - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 coffee measure, broken - BIN
8 balls yarn - GIFTS & DONATIONS

2 scarves

IN 3
OUT 10
Nett out 7



Donna Lee said...

You do so well with the outs. And I agree that it's so much harder dealing with someone else's stuff, especially a loved one. It almost feels disloyal to get rid of anything that they might have loved.

Sister Sticks said...

Hang in there Taph. That's really tough stuff you're doing, both personally and with regards to the reactions and decisions of all of the family. Look after yourself, and for now, reach out and use whatever it takes to get you through, even tupperware and VK.

2paw said...

I think we've all been there: having a Tupperware accident!!
It is the hardest part, going through one of every day for the first year. After that, it's not so much easier, but you are accustomed to the absence a little more. Hope it goes well.

Marg B said...

Stop being so hard on yourself! Going through the stuff of a deceased love one is one of the toughest jobs around, especially if you have to consider the feelings of other family members who refuse to make decisions, yet blame you if you throw out something they wanted kept.

In my opinion the whole point of this seven weeks thing is to declutter one's life of crap and ensure you have the best quality one can afford of the stuff one really needs. Tupperware may be expensive but it is very rarely useless crap.

Hang in there.