Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Whose hearts the tide of kindness warms

I also like smart, funny, kind people.

My project bag of choice is the cotton rice bag - they work for me on lots of levels (thrifty, green, washable, good size etc...). A colleague saw me knitting from one the other day and offered to give me his; which was kind.

One arrived today, with this note -

I guess the reference to this year's Booker winner is reasonable for one librarian to another, but it's still smart and made me smile. I'm 45th out of 99 on the request list for this book in the ACT Public Libraries - more copies on order, so that should change pretty quickly.


2paw said...

Clever!!! Nice bag too!!!

Lynne said...

Very clever! And a good use for the bag too!

TinkingBell said...

Love the bag and the note - and what a grreat project bag (I have a selection of calica and shopping bags working well for me - my favourite is the elephant fundraising one from Melbourne zoo which has an elephants front on one side and the back end on theother - and a little pocket inside!

Kate said...

I deliberately bought rice-inna-bag for the knitting bag potential, only to find that the zip is bung : ( Am contemplating the likelihood of my getting a zip and putting it in. Likelihood is pretty low!