Thursday, October 30, 2008

Which, by degrees, slips round her neck

We saw Children of the Silk Road on the big screen the other night - a good story, an OK film.

Jonathon Rhys Myers was fine in Bend it Like Beckham, not so much in this film. He did have an interesting wardrobe. The whole second half of the very long film, he wore a double rib scarf knitted at quite a tight tension. I kept trying to work out if it looked more like Cleckheaton Country Silk or Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed which was a little distracting.

I'd rather like it to be the Silk Road Tweed. In fact I'd rather like to make one in the Silk Road Tweed - damn, nothing in boodle.


Lynne said...

I do that - get distracted by the knit someone is wearing - but never have I tried to analyse the yarn!! LOL

Donna Lee said...

I'm pretty sure you were meant to be following the storyline not the scarf! I do the same thing. I look and try to figure out how something was knitted, is it handmade? WHat's it made of?

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Jonathan currently plays Henry the 8th in a TV series called the Tudors. He's quite good in that one as well.
I know what you mean by being distarcted by knitting in a movie. I once counted the rows of a Harry Potter scarf, during a close up, and completely ignored what was going on the rest of the screen.