Sunday, October 12, 2008

Without a penny in my purse, To buy a meal to me

Completely impossible to chat, enjoy hospitality, absorb an exhibition and take photos at the same time - I'm completely in awe of those who manage it.

The Old Flame is getting into the culturvorian spirit. He took me for a cup of tea prior to TSS's exhibition opening - free tasting at T2 in the Canberra Centre!

Then on to the opening. The crapicity of the photos is, perhaps, due to the constant wee wee jiggle of excitement.

TSS with TTWC at the opening (that's a VIP talking in centre shot).

The Old Flame checks out my favourite, the Kaleidoscope House.

And here's my favourite "accessory", the Macgregor's wee Westie.


Donna Lee said...

What a marvelous collection. I have a dollhouse under the bed that is waiting (very patiently) to be put together. My husband bought it 27 years ago when we first got married but we've never had the space to put it up. One day, when my girls eventually move out, I will pull it out of it's box and go crazy.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

While I've never been much for miniature versions of things...the Kaleidoscope House would give me cause to do a double take to spend some time admiring it.