Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maintain the Rage!

No fancy pants Robbie Burns titles today - no time to be waylaid by his poetry.
TSS has blogged about our little trip to OPH for The Dismissal tour.
The Dismissal was 33 years ago yesterday and remains an enduring memory of my childhood. I was in 4th class at a Canberra public primary school and remember the feeling of anticipation, dread, grief and anger that emanated from teachers and other adults. It was a confusing and exciting day for a 9 year old.
Because TSS needs more of an understanding of Australian history, because I'm a history and politics junkie, and because the Old Flame is a good sport, we arrived at OPH and paid the family rate of $5 entry between us (ha!) instead of $2 each.

We got to re-enact the journey of the day throughout Old Parliament House. The House of Reps, the Senate, the Cabinet Room, the Prime Minister's Office, the Press Gallery etc.
The Old Flame as Sir John Kerr

I was seriously thrilled to actually to be in those places, particularly the House of Representatives - the people's house.

But I was more thrilled to do this -

Knitting the the Senate, in the public galleries of which I was made to surrender my knitting - I was only 8 or 9 at the time.

TSS & I knitting in the House of Representatives. I deliberately took green knitting.

And triumphant with the (replica) mace topped with a TTWC which TSS knitted during the tour.

At least four guides told me that knitting was forbidden in Parliament House. Yeah, I know. If you live long enough, you win!


amanda j said...

Thanks for the link. This is a very accessible short history lesson and will be very useful for me at school!

Stick it to them with your knitting!!

2paw said...

Lots of maintaining going on here. I am always so affronted that the GG did that, but amazed at how well behaved we are, no coups or civil wars. Instead: Norman Gunston!!
Nice to see the knitting. What is it with all the anti-kniting rules???

TinkingBell said...

Yayayayay! you and the knitting!

The dismissal - I still remember it (I was 13) and most of all I remember the Gillies report and the opera - Il Dismissale!

Janet McKinney said...

Hello taph. Thank you so much for the dolly patterns that arrived yesterday - it was a lovely surprise, and I look forward to making some of them


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Okay so this has nothing to do with your post...but since I'm not exactly local I had yet to see the new do!

I really like how your hair is styled now, very cute and a lot less maintenance than before.

Thanks for the reminder that sometimes in life, we actually win!

Jejune said...

Good to see you all looking so happy, AND knitting!

We had only just got back to Australia from living in the States when The Dismissal happened - like a week after we arrived. I was in 6th grade, and remember it vividly, too.

Jordan said...

I love this post - just catching up on all your blogging today which I love reading. You're an inspiration. Hope you're having a restful blogbreak.