Monday, November 24, 2008

Stylin' yarn

Interesting article in the November 2008 Country Style (the magazine formerly known as Australian Country Style) on Katherine Wood and Burrawool .

I haven't tried Burrawool, but KMS has and she loves it . I'm trying to curb my desire for this yarn but it fits so well with the Boodle Development Policy (local, indie, chemical free, only comes in natural white, black or grey etc...) that it's hard. If we just happen to be driving through Robertson at any time, it will mean I was meant to have some of this fibre.

Country Style is available at the Dickson , Tuggeranong and Woden branches of the ACT Public Libraries. And you can still buy it in the shops if you're so inclined.


Kuka said...

oooh, i've been doing my best to avoid buying that one - might have to have a sly flick through it at borders this week....

kms said...

mmmmmburrawool! i am glad shes getting some publicity, and i do love it, for all the reasons you mention. highly recommended. but whatever you do, dont put it in a washing machine!!