Thursday, November 06, 2008

Simply cannot believe it's THAT time of the year again - we're picking and choosing our subscriptions and pre-paying to save a bomb.

New this coming year will be a seat at the Brumbies home matches. My Old Flame has been a ticket holder for years, and I'm a bit partial to a game of footy, coming from an ecumenical sporting family where, although AFL is the family creed, we are just as happy at Union, League or soccer. Now that I think of it, the first rugger match I ever attended was in 1983 to watch the Old Flame play. He remembers it was a bitterly cold day, I remember his thighs - funny how people remember the same event differently. ;)

Film will be taken care of by the ANU Film Group again ($60 for movies March-November. TSS is about to calculate exactly what we spent per movie this year, but it's about $1.75) but we don't pay that until February.

On the performing arts side, we're renewing for The Song Company - only three concerts in Canberra, but such bliss!

And on last night we attended the 2009 season launch for the Canberra Theatre. Yes, it really was a year ago we attended the last one . I was pretty uninspired by this year's line up, but next year - here are my picks:
  • Bell Shakespeare Company's all women version of The Taming of the Shrew and
  • Sydney Theatre Company's production of Elling, which was so eloquently and enthusiastically presented to us by Pamela Rabe.

The minimum number of shows for a sub is four, so I'll just hope the budget is able to sustain these choices at the time.

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Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Sounds like how DH and I remember the first time we laid eyes on each other.