Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Winter WIPeout 2009 - Rules of Engagement

  1. This is a personal challenge to reduce my WIPs either by finishing or frogging what's on the needles.

  2. For the period 1 June - 31 August 2009 I will knit only current WIPs.

  3. Given the number of socks in the WIP pile - it's socks in the daytime and out and about.

  4. Hats are also acceptable portable knitting but no more may be cast on until the socks are done.

  5. Jumpers, cardies and blankets get knitted at home/at night to maximise concentration time unless there is a particularly portable piece.
  6. There will be three items in my knitting sights at any given time - the portable (most likely sock) project, the at home project (jumper, cardie or vest) and the blanket that I'm knitting for TOF's Mum which will get a little attention each day.
  7. Each project will be documented prior to becoming the prime knitting item during the period and its progress assessed regularly.
  8. There is a get-out-of-gaol free card only if a quick gift is required and the yarn is already in stash. (I anticipate some baby socks or hats may be needed during this challenge.)

I'll put a list of items up in the sidebar tonight. There are more than I thought and I cleaned up a couple in the last day or so when I found how truly little there was to do to fix them.


Marg B said...

Great idea - I'm sure you'll get an immense sense of satisfaction as you cross items off your list and remove them from the "weighing me down clutter" zone to "this is really nice and useful" or "why didn't I get rid of this years ago?" zones.

LynS said...

I'll be interested to see the outcome - I'm admiring your discipline - or at least the prospect of your discipline! Hats are so seductive aren't they? I've recently been very distracted by them.

Lynne said...

Oh my! I think you're winter of knitting is well and truly spoken for [at least for June!!] tee hee