Sunday, May 31, 2009

WIPeout 2009 - unbirthday socks

PATTERN: Ribbed Socks from Cleckheaton

YARN: Lincraft Balmoral Tweed from Lincraft sale earlier this year


  • first sock finished
  • second sock knitted half way down leg

ISSUES: None really, except they aren't wide enough for The Old Flame so there is less motivation to finish them. They'll go to Mum's cousin who brings me jumpers to unravel.

ACTION: Keep knitting. These are very portable and will be finished quickly if they are the only thing I have to knit at lunch-times.


Michelle said...

I love that you are posting all your WIPs. You're an inspiration!

Lynne said...

Yep, I concur with Michelle. It's like having "show and tell" over an extended period!

Donna Lee said...

I have two plain pairs of socks on the needles that I am having to force myself to finish. Especially since no one will wear them for a few months since we're coming into summer here.