Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm off to South West Rocks for the last few weeks of Mum's winter sojourn.

A bag of books went up with my brother a fortnight ago and I've been mostly packed for a week.

One medium suitcase of the miniumum of clothes and maximum of DVDs and one smallish suitcase of knitting and associated paraphenalia - viz.

  • 1 set Knit Picks nickel interchangeable needles
  • 1 set Knit Picks Harmony interchangeable needles
  • 1 set of mix and match DPNS,
  • 1 niddy noddy,
  • 1 ball winder
  • usual pins, tape measures, stitchmarkers, scissors, sewing in needles etc.
  • 1 blanket WIP (should be finished on 12 hours+ train ride on Monday and will be posted back)
  • 1 jumper WIP (should be finished in a couple of days and will be posted back)
  • 1 pr socks for TOF WIP (my carry around project for the trip) and an emergency ball of sock yarn just in case these get finished too quickly, which is looking likelyall associated patterns
  • 1 coffee plunger because 3 weeks of instant coffee is no holiday.
  • 1 new project's worth of yarn because the rest of the WIPs are mostly unravelling or little scraps of things that will not take any time to knit and because this "holiday" is the only time I'll get for ages to do some serious big project knitting.

The posting back is necessary because Mum's cousin is there now and I'm told he brought down another two suitcases full of hand-knits for us to unravel so I'll need the space. And that's why he deserved these socks, and why he'll probably get a few more pairs.

Back in late August.


Michelle said...

Travel safely, and enjoy the time up in the relative warmth. What a great opportunity for intense knitting time!

It was lovely to run into you the other day, too!

Olivia said...

Have a great time! All that knitting, things nearly finished, plus new project, plus good coffee sounds like the perfect holiday.

LynS said...

I love the area around South West Rocks and particularly Arakoon. When the children were smallish we used to spend family holidays there in winter with good friends and loved it.

I envy you all our knitting opportunities. Enjoy yourself.

Jejune said...

Hope you have a lovely time away, and get plenty of time to relax and knit! You deserve it!