Monday, January 24, 2011

Seven Things Week 11

The last couple of weeks has been all about cooking summer surplus into winter meals and stocking the freezers with gluten and dairy free bread, rolls and pizza bases.  No real time for reflection on the nature of consumerism in general, or mine in particular.

I was sad to take things to the tip for land fill, though.  There may have been other uses for the 30 year old three-quarter sized mattress etc, but they were beyond me.

  • 1 mattress - gift for the bed in the caravan
  • 1 spinning wheel bobbin.  Too big for my wheels but it's beautifully burnished with age and will make a wonderful candle holder - tip shop
  • 1 Akubra hat - free tip shop
  • 1 shirt - gift from my brother.  It's too big for him and he was going to give it to Vinnies anyway.  Putting aside as remodelling project in Feb.
  • 2 prs trakkie daks, TOF - Op Shop
  • 2 shirts, TOF 1 new, 1 near new, Op Shop
  • 1 jacket, TOF Op Shop
  • 1 Brumbies bucket hat, all clothing from op shops.  I am particularly pleased with this hat.  I loathe the baseball style caps that come with our annual memberships and have coveted the bucket hat but been unable to justify $25 or so for it.  TOF picked this up for me at the Salvos store for $3.  Just as well, the club isn't selling them this year.
  • 1 ceramic reusable tea mug with silicon top $5 from YMCA shop.  Exactly the same price as in the shopping centre chain shops but it was new and the money went to the Y. 
  • 1 knitting magazine - Interweave in newsagents now.
  • 1 Tupperware lunch box, new from op shop $6
  • 1 ironing board, broken LAND FILL
  • 1 mattress - the old one from the caravan - cost us $15 to take it and other hard rubbish to tip - LAND FILL
  • 1 bed head - LAND FILL
  • 1 plastic (and non-recyclable) chair base - LAND FILL
  • 143 balls yarn - GIFTS
  • 1 pr jeans, too big and despite the preference of someone in this house for fally-down trousers, they were driving me mad - OP SHOP
  • 2 books.  Actually read two books this year.  Amazing what being on holidays will do for letting fiction back into my life - OP SHOP
1 pr socks (yep, another pair.  Get used to it, I've got a lot of this yarn)

IN   13
OUT 150
SIAA     1


2paw said...

Fally down trousers!!! Well done on your outs. Nice bargain hat too!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

143 balls to give away. Clearly I've under estimated your stash.