Sunday, January 16, 2011


Wee atheltic socks made from Bendigo Harmony a pattern of my own devising.

These in response to a desperate need for sports socks.  I know I can buy 3 prs for $1.80 at Rivers, but they are crap. 

Good things about these socks:
  • soft, squishy, comfy and should be longer wearing that the Made in China rubbish
  • I can get 5 socks from a 200g ball of Harmony.  I'll be looking for Harmony or Heirloom Breeze scraps soon, I reckon, to make a stripy scrappy pair.
  • they use stash
  • they are really quick to knit.
  • while they stretch out worryingly on the foot, the wool and lycra content mean they spring back into shape when washed.
  • they machine wash in cool water
Mk II already on the needles.  This time I'm including knitting-in-elastic for the ankle ribbing and shortening the heel flap a tad.


2paw said...

I loved that green Harmony, I wish they were still making it, I think it's a bit like Cascade Fixation?? Nice socks!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Must be sock knitting time!

chocolatetrudi said...

Ah, they look comfy!

Jejune said...

They look wonderful, Bea! I'll have to nick the pattern off you sometime :)

Tink's Stuff said...

i really like these, where di you get the pattern I want some , they are so comfey looking. I just love your nblog I could be here all day.