Monday, January 31, 2011

Seven Things Week 12

More feeding the freezer and pantry shelves cooking this week but I managed to squeeze in some op-shopping time.

I also picked up new glasses this week, but decided not to bother with the ins and outs of them.  How ridiculous is it that it is cheaper to buy new than to get new lenses put in old frames?  Ditto, that it's more expensive to repair boots than buy a new pair.

A few more ins than strictly necessary this week, but it's back to work tomorrow so my op-shopping time will be limited.  I'll also be living back at my place during the week, so expect more culling to happen.  The front room is chokka with yarn looking for a new home, so I'll address that tomorrow and Wednesday.
  • 2 pieces fabric (4m navy cotton lycra for tights and 4m burgundy silk for undies, $5 and $3 respectively) OP SHOP
  • 2 shirts (one each) $3.50 ea OP SHOP
  • 1 footy jersey for TOF OP SHOP
  • 2 leather backpacks (my handbag of choice) $2 each GARAGE SALE
  • 2 DVDs for TOF $3 each TIP SHOP
  • 1 stainless steel square cake tin found by side of road (I kid you not - made TOF let me out at the traffic lights to get it) free
  • 1 ball sock yarn.  ToF has discovere the joys of bamboo socks.  As the man with the sweatiest feet in Christendom he only ever wears woollen socks.  Now he also wears bamboo.  Guess which sock yarn I don't have in stash?  Have another ball coming. $8 RAVELRY DESTASH
  • 1 pr TOF's boots.  They could be repaired, but it would cost more than buying a new pair and they were dangerous to wear.  BIN
  • 1 saucepan - I burnt it senseless in a cherry sauce accident and it's beyond redemption METAL RECYCLING
  • 1 cat scratching post BIN
  • 2 fry pans - scratched and awful teflon METAL RECYLING
  • 60 balls yarn - GIFT
1 pr hand-knitted athletic socks

IN 11
OUT 65

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Lynne said...

It is ridiculous that ... it's cheaper to buy a new printer than to have the cartridges for the "old" one refilled! (I refill anyway)