Monday, February 28, 2011

Seven Things Week 16

Wow, going away for work for a couple of days really puts a dent in this.  That and I forgot some of last week's ins.

  • 2 metal bowls to use as double boilers for melting and purifying beeswax.  TOF has a heap of beeswax from candlemaking, so I'm going to make some handcream, leather conditioner etc. The price of new double boilers is extreme, particularly as I will only be able to use it for the beeswax, so this seemed like a really good improvisation $2 TIP SHOP
  • 1 Tupperware container (TOF can't help himself  when it's in good knick and a bargain at $2.50 from the OP SHOP)
  • 2 thermals for TOF RETAIL SALE
  • 1 pr shorts for TOF RETAIL SALE
  • 1 Tupperware Rice cooker NEW (for the caravan)
  • 1 piece pantry Tupperware  NEW (TOF's breaking in a new Tupperware distrubutor so we place a small order to compensate for all the replacements we get)
  • 1 sheet $2 SALVOS
  • 1 pr shoes for TOF $3 SALVOS
  • 1 popcorn maker (for coffee bean roasting - based on experience these will break regularly.  We're buying them as we fin them second hand) $5 REVOLVE
  • 1 set sock needles.  Sydney business trip souvenir. MORRIS & SONS
  • 1 bowl - dropped and smashed - BIN
  • 1 glass - dropped and cracked - BIN
  • 9 mismatched socks and gloves (that's all TOF would let me get rid of at his house.  I need to work on this resistance) - BIN
so close, but nothing finished this week - see going away for work excuse

IN 12
OUT 11

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