Thursday, November 02, 2006

Au revoir, Margit

Sad SnB this evening - it being the lovely Margit's last.

She departed in style by finishing a Carla beret - seen here

and bringing a garbage bag full of yarn for the swaps basket. Forgot to take a picture of that, but here's another one of Margie in her beret.

Kylie also brought some very noice yarn for the swaps basket. Here's Kylie being mugged by Lulu, Jejune's very naughtly lamb.

And for those lovely people who asked, here's the link to the Victorian Cabled Wristlets, one of which is modelled below by the ball winder.

These took 50g of Bluebell (5ply), knitted double.


Margie said...

Aw shucks, Taph. You can see the wristlets in the pic of me too! :D
Thank you so much for those they're super duper!

Jejune said...

They are really goreous - I'm going to make some for the woman who's been helping my son at College - he wouldn't be finishing Year 12 this year if it wasn't for her... will raid the stash to see what yarns are lurking.

And I think you get the prize for the first photo of Lulu that's not on my Blog! Fast work!

Jejune said...

Mugging shmugging, I'm being NICE!

kylie said...

aaagh what is that growing out of my shoulder.....!!!!