Friday, November 10, 2006


I love this community.

I met Jejune doing BookCrossing things on my way into Woden Plaza this lunchtime, Bells spots me looking at forbidden goods in the novelty yarn aisle at BigW not 10 minutes later (she's planning on a knitterly gift for her next fibre victim niece), and The Shopping Sherpa texts then rings me about cones of Wangaratta wool at Belconnen Vinnies. You women are the absolute BEST!

Biopsy day was yesterday. The mass in Mum's adrenal gland turned out to be a cyst which the absolutely charming Dr G. blew into thousands of harmless droplets to be dispersed in the fullness of bladder time. Actually, he said he aspirated it but I prefer the super hero version.

I am happy and weepy and officially finished my Christmas shopping. Christmas knitting on the other hand ...

Wash cloths 29
Beanies 9.5


Bells said...

Good to see you too Taph. Didn't know Jejune was so nearby too!

One day I'll see you both intentionally, and not just a 'fancy seeing you here' moment!

I just realised, with the next victim, sorry, my neice, I'm actually going to have to put the hard yards in now and teach her to knit! Can a jumpy six year old really learn? And can I teach????

happyspider said...

oh i'm so glad Taph. and kudos on the christmas shopping, you're freaking me out here in poor-ville!

Sheep Rustler said...

Thank goodness! Very pleased for you and your mum.

Re stitch markers (previous post) I use the little bright coloured silicon rubber bands that girls put in their hair - a couple of dollars in the supermarket for a bag that lasts ages and it doesn't matter if you lose them, and if you are doing something anal that requires different colours of stitch markers, there's enough of several colours to please anyone. Not free like bread closures (great idea!) but also can't be pulled off by the inquisitive! At a textile art exhibition I went to earlier this year, there was a p[iece made entirely out of bread tags.

Kate said...

If you can find anyone who has braces, they usually can get mutlicoloured or flouro coloured rubber bands that fit beautifaully over 2-4.5mm needles and make great markers. Having said that, I'm really struck by your bread tag (recycling) solution to the cable needle fiasco.

Great to hear that the biopsy went so well. Hurrah! Also, I saw an article in the newspaper that one of the Lib backbencher's is pushing for the Griffith library to remain open. Is this the news that was giving you an ulcer earlier? Is anyone interested in petitioning? I'm a big petitioner at the moment; I also put one in for the GlassHouse rescue.

I'm hoping to be in Can'tberra for 3rd Sunday of the month, in time for an hour of knitting with you folks. See you there if I don't spontaneously combust first!

Jejune said...

It was lovely to see you today, Taph, even if only briefly - wish I'd known Bells was in the vicinity too, but glad you had the good fortune to bump into her :)

Really excellent news about your mum - PHEW and DOUBLE PHEW.

And Kate, there's a rally on about the Griffith Library closure, you can visit the BookCrossing Forum to find out more details. I presume you won't be in town, but I'm sure they'd appreciate letters of support / outrage / incandescent fury.

Margie said...

Yay for cysts!!

You know I don't believe for a second your claims of no spare yarn on hand. x