Monday, November 06, 2006

Modern life offers many moments for incidental knitting

Remember this? It's the mystery 12-ply stunt wool from Taph's Tools last week.

Well it appears that this is an adventurous yarn. Red wool is like that, don't you find?

Anyway, it's had quite a week. It was spotted by the Head Honcho of my work place as I knitted and walked from the carpark this week. She admired the yarn and asked how long it took me to knit a beanie like this. When I replied, "Not time at all", I don't think HH believed me. It's almost true. It takes about 30 minutes of dedicated, not doing anything else but listening to audio books/podcasts/cds etc. to cast on, do the first round and the last 6 rounds of knitting.

The rest is done while other essential things are being achieved. Walking to work (not that I've done that in a while), walking to and from the carpark, waiting at traffic lights, standing in queues, sitting in staff meetings, in the down time during cooking dinner etc.

This weekend I got a few rounds done at the carwash. I love how the yarn matches the washing brushes.
It's now 2.3 beanies.

Washcloths 27
Beanies 8.3
Victorian Cabled Wristlets (was mystery gift) 1 pair


Jejune said...

I LOVE the action shots - a la Yarn Harlot :) That's still impressively fast for a beanie... mine take a couple of hours!

Bells said...

Taph that is so great!!! Every second is precious huh?

kylie said...

did you say somewhere you have a pattern for this wonder-beanie up somewhere? would like to take a look see if so. dont tell me its another one of those things you just knit from memory :)

ferg said...

Hello Tapho, I got back yesterday and have been reading up and getting Robert meals that do not include sausages!
I'm sorry to hear how poorly your Mum has been and absolutely amazed to hear how much you have knitted. I thought I did well with a tea cosy, a pair of socks and a scarf in three weeks.
Seriously, I hope she is better now and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because I don't pray, that your job is OK. My brother in England just went through much the same and his wife is about to suffer the down-sizing routine too because she works for the "National Health" or NHS.
I'm still amazed at your ability to knit in all places and think that you could have the basis of a very good competition,
Off now to make a dinner which does not include sausages for Robert, who has lived on them for a while,
Cheers and love Gillian