Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The week that was

Last week was a busy one here at Chez Taph.

The Saturday trip to Young for the mega SnB was bookended with this last Saturday's trip to Braidwood for the Airing of the Quilts. In between there was

  • Some mild Sunday morning op-/bargain shopping (I now have a couple of spare copies of Jo Sharp's Knitting Bohemia for $2 if anyone wants one - that's what I paid for them at the Angus & Robertson stand at EPIC)
  • Sunday lunch of cherries with a friend and her children and checking out the knitting section at the new Borders (Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears, Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks: New Twists on Classic Patterns and the Yarn Harlot's Yarn harlot : the secret life of a knitter) and a whizz through Academic Remainders in Civic (Brendan Mably's Brilliant Knits: 25 Contemporary Knitwear Designs from the Kaffe Fassett Studio)
  • Sunday SnB with the girls - welcome to our newest recruit, Olivia.
  • work and work functions (at which I finally met The Shopping Sherpa who is even lovelier live than in her blog)
  • visitors to my parents' house for 3 days which meant much entertaining, organising and endless negotiating
  • another round of specialist visits with Mum (more hospital knitting)
  • an interview by the ABC for a forthcoming Compass program during which I found out there's a Chicks with Sticks knitting group at the ABC in Ultimo who meet during lunch times. I also knitted on camera while walking up a mountain in 30-odd degree heat - madness I tell you (photos to follow).
  • a day at the Airing of the Quilts in Braidwood with Mum and her visitors (photos and full report on disgusting stash enhancement to follow)
  • a night and a day of drying out much of my house after returning from Braidwood to find the washing machine had been pumping water into my house all day
  • gifts in the form of a ball winder and swift from The Shopping Sherpa. Thanks so much TSS - they are great.


Washcloths 36 (really need 3 or 4 more by Monday)
Beanies 16
Shawl to wear on TV Christmas morning 0.05


Anonymous said...

Insane, Taph, just insane... hope you can get a PROPER holiday very very soon!

It's clear that I'm going to have to check out Borders in Covoc before ALL the knitting books have been snaffled... I want to get a Zimmerman book, was contemplating an Amazon purchase, but if it's right here in the same city as me...!

Looking forward to seeing the Compass program. Do tell us when it's on!

Was lovely to see you last night at SnB :)

Anonymous said...

Civic, not Covoc, although maybe the latter name could catch on, whaddayareckin?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Aw shucks (blushes and shuffles feet at the kind words).

Hmmm... I seem to have started a Jo Sharp pattern book collection and would be happy to add to it if there is still a copy of Knitting Bohemia going :-)

So it *was* a swift. I'm learning fast (although I was tempted to keep it just in case when I realised it was very monochromatic...

Anonymous said...

Oh Olivia went along! That's great. I haven't met her but we emailed a couple of times and I suggested she check SnB out. Glad to hear she did.

And Jejuen, I thought Covoc was amusing. I thought you were putting on a funny accent!

also, Taph, I'm happy to relieve you of the JS book if it's going. But if I'm not first...

Anonymous said...

ps nice to see you last night too Taph!!

Margie said...

Gosh you are a very busy lady aren't you? 36 washcloths!!! OOEE!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome, Taph. And thanks for the suggestion / push, Bells! Hope to meet you at the next one.

Anonymous said...

I had a great comment all typed in here but lost it when I had to sign in to the beta thing.


Now you won't get the good post, the moment has passed.

stoopid blogger.