Monday, June 23, 2008

Knitting Pretty

One of the resolutions this year was to “Knit the Pretties”. These FOs definitely count.

The Rollin’ Beret (pattern by Woolly Wormhead) came up beautifully but far too small. I can only wear it as a misshapen beanie so it’s blocked and in the box for charity. It was such a pleasure to knit though. Don’t you love it when you just have to stop every now and then and exclaim over how pretty your knitting is?

I “stretched” the 70g of the gorgeous 2ply hand dyed, hand spun wool by slip stitching every second row of the body of the beret with some recycled denim coloured 12 ply crepe that was leftover from TTWCs. The slip stitching also created a thicker and warmer fabric - bonus. There was enough of the hand spun left for a fun i-cord embellishment and now it’s all used up.

The washcloth for Old Flame’s mum is finished, too, and with 10 days to spare. Loving the colours, Spidey. The lacy pattern is a little obscured by the variegated yarn but it also opens it up and makes it a bit more girly than a garter stitch pattern. I love that the colours are girly version of the Canberra Raides colours, a team that Old Flame's mum and dad are passionate supporters of.

I’ve started another beret using some Dale of Norway Ara that was part of a prize from Yarn magazine. The colours are variegated purpley-blues and I just want to sink into that deep indigo and dream. A commercially spun thick and thin single, it’s squishily gorgeous to knit and I bet it will pill like a bugger. Doesn’t matter - it’s a hat, not a jumper. Hopefully this one will fit, but if it doesn’t someone will get the joy of wearing it and it’s another completed project and two more balls of yarn towards the stash reduction goal.

This won’t be the last time the pattern is used, either. There’s 270g of Waratah Fibres hand spun Wensleydale blend that is crying out to be the hat and mitten set I need for the ski season (please snow soon, OF’s first cross-country tour is this Sunday!). There’s a pattern in the most recent Spin-Off for lined mittens which looks just the ticket. More pretties, more stash reduction. Woot!


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Woohoo I'm the first!!!

The beret makes me want to knit a beret. Not wear one though. My head is not meant for hats but that never stopped me from knitting a hat.

I'll cross my fingers for snow for you....but not for as much as I had this past winter. Yikes!

TinkingBell said...

It is lovely - and good work on the whole knitting from your (not) stash thing - I just started a baby thing from my not-stash - I love being able to find just the perfect thing squirreled away - waiting to become something nice!

2paw said...

Oh, your beret is so pretty, what a shame!! I am glad you enjoyed making it though!!