Saturday, June 21, 2008

Seven Things Week 42

IN (4)
1 top - SALVOS ($6)
1 skirt - SALVOS ($6)
1 magazine - SUBSCRIPTION
1 skein yarn - GIFT

OUT (235)
7 decorative & jewellry boxes - GIFTS & DONATIONS
152 balls yarn - SOLD. Yep, sold 'em at ACT Textiles member Bring & Buy sale. That's 152 balls of novelty yarn gone from my house. WHACKO!!!!!
8 balls yarn - GIFTS & DONATIONS
1 blankie - GIFTS & DONATIONS
4 hankies - GIFTS & DONATIONS
48 knitting mags/patterns - GIFTS & DONATIONS
3 ring binders - GIFTS & DONATIONS


Bit slack on this - too busy disposing of stuff and mending. Can I count mending as SIAA?
I'm seriously down on whoever decided that overlocking elastic to the waistbands of sports pants, then flat-locking them down was a good thing. 2 pairs of the things needed the elastic changing and dammit it took a couple of hours per item to remove the old elastic before I could resew and thread new stuff! Still, that's 2 things renewed rather than chucked and replaced with new.

IN 4
OUT 235


Janet McKinney said...

Of course mending counts as SIAA. You have taken an unusable item and turned it into something useble again. The ultimate recycling I reckon.

amanda j said...

I admire you spending that amount of time replacing elastic! Patience is a virtue!!

Well done on reducing stash and making money at the same time!

Marg B said...

Unfortunately we live in such a disposable society today that most people don't have the skills, let alone the inclination, to replace elastic, when buying a new pair of pants costs only a few dollars.

Good on you.

Hope you are going OK with everything.

(PS: I read your blog most days via Google reader and love it, but can rarely comment as my work computer blocks all blogspot accounts).

TinkingBell said...

Well done - I spent a full day a while ago darning socks and have just re-discovered the sewing machine and am doing something with my smallish fabric stash - skirts for Sian are likely this week!

Donna Lee said...

Maybe mended things should have their own catagory. Such as Rescued items? I am a big fan of mending and have saved many an article of clothing with a few stitches. I put a hole in a favorite pair of jeans and embroidered a flower over top of it and now they are still my favorite pair.