Friday, June 06, 2008

Life goes on

I've been hearing Dad say "Life goes on, Princess" all week. It does, but yesterday more than 300 family and friends gathered to honour his life.

It was bigger than Ben Hur and everyone involved did him proud.

And there was knitting. Mum had a bedsock in progress tucked into her handbag just in case (her urge to knit during the entire service was very strong) and one of my nieces carried her last piece of knitting in her hand with her hankie for comfort and because she finished it the last time she saw Poppy.

There has, of course, been knitting all week. We both knitted at the hospital with him before he died and Mum has "knitted her way to heaven" (her words) since and has made eight or nine more pairs of bedsocks.

I've made the girls calorimetries to match their school uniforms and a spare one for whoever needs one next. Socks have been finished, scarves have been finished and there are only 3 or 4 WIPs hanging around. Grief and stress are great for startitis - I don't recommend the cure.

Family and friends have rallied around and the Old Flame has been amazing, giving me strength, support, normality and chocolate as necessary.

The support from you all has been wonderful. Each night I've come home from a day of organisation, preparation and negotiation and been heartened by messages, emails, flowers and gifts. Thank you, you wonderful community of women.

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