Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Smashing pumpkins

TTWC 2008.20 with butternut

TTWC 2008.21 and my new favourite knitting spot

TSS donated a large bag of the recycled handspun bought for $2 at Vinnies. It's knitting up beautifully on 5.5mm needles and 72 stitches.


Kuka said...

that does look like a smashing pumpkin! oooh, I can't wait to have dirt to plant pumpkins and the like!!!
And that looks like a lovely knitting spot =)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I'm told that one day we'll be rid of this snow and get to see the ground again. Right now with upcoming storm warnings I don't believe it.

That is a lovely knitting spot, lucky you.

Kate said...

Oh, that's a great spot for the weather Canberra's getting right about now. I can just imagine an early morning cuppa and fibre fest; how lovely. Is this your back garden? I love the retaining wall.