Tuesday, June 13, 2006

FO: Trans-Siberian Watch Cap

A little while ago I started knitting Sarah Bradberry's family watch cap in some hand spun wool purchased from an op-shop. It was roughly 8ply and uninspiring in the ball. Once knitted, though, its beauty became obvious. The yarn is soft and warm. It's a beige colour but with charming little flecks of dark and mid-brown. It was a joy to knit on bamboo dpns.

It was such a joy to knit, I didn't think I could give it away even though it is not the sort of hat I would normally wear. Then Dad announced that in September 2007 he is taking a long-desired trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway. I figure even in an airconditioned train and even in September, there may be the odd nippy evening, so Dad gets the hat previously known as Porridge.

A few notes on the pattern. I knitted the circumference for the largest size but shortened the other dimensions. I really think 30.5cm plus a very gradual crown decrease was too long, even for a boofhead like Dad.


Bells said...

please load the photo! I want to see that yarn. It sounds just like what I would want to knit with!

ferg said...

Now that's a beautie of a beanie and just right for a trip on the Trans-Siberian Express, specially if you want to pop your head out of the window for a decko,
Cheers Gillian

Margie said...

It's a ned kelly doll!