Monday, September 29, 2008

I canna say but ye strunt rarely, owre gauze and lace

Lace - still don't love it. I can do it, I comprehend it, people I love and admire go crazy for it, it's just - I don't feel it.

Lace does not fill me with the joy and satisfaction that a good Aran pattern does.

I am prepared for eviction from the blogdom.

This pattern is Liesel by Mary Joy Gumayagay . I call it the Red Tape scarf because it is a tape yarn the exact colour as the red tape I still find tying up files in some archival collections. The yarn, South West Trading Company Oasis Solid soy silk, was a charitable donation. It was knitted in response to a request for items for a breast cancer charity exhibition and sale but got side-tracked and didn't get it to my bespoke blocker quickly enough.

It's pretty and looks lovely on the freshly blossoming crab apple. I'll hang on to it for the next charitable request/raffle prize etc.


Bells said...

it looks beautiful.

But yes, you should be banished from blogdom for failing to fit in with everyone else who loves lace. Obviously. ;-)

2paw said...

Well despite your lack of enthusiasm the scarf has turned out really well!!!

Lynne said...

It's very pretty. I'm currently wanting to knit a lace project. I think it's that I want something challenging rather than lace per se. I can't imagine actually wearing lace. Never thought to knit lace for charity - thanks for prodding me! :-)

Anonymous said...

It's very pretty, despite your feelings towards lace.

JustJess said...

I understand your position - I really do, but it still fascinates me! I have a charitable cause that may be suitable if that is not too cheeky... I will give details to TSS.