Sunday, September 07, 2008


Conversation with the Old Flame a few weeks ago-

OF (removing his elastic-sided boots): I'm going to have to get rid of these boots.

TAPH: Really? Why?

OF: They've stretched and are a bit too loose.

TAPH: Can't you take them into RM Williams' and have them fixed?

OF: I could ... or ...


OF (smiling winsomely): Or I could wear thicker socks.

TAPH: Ahh (realisation dawns). Well there goes the 5ply stash.

Simple Socks by Sarah Golder, Yarn issue 5, Jan. 2007 in recycled 5ply crepe, knitted on 2.75mm dpns.

*Perspex - twice as thick (socks & me) and just as see-through (old joke)


Petunia said...

He worked that well for himself!!

2paw said...

Very amusing!!!

TinkingBell said...

Ha! Typical man - self self self! (Good thing he doesn't know about 6 ply opal!)

amanda j said...

Just make sure he doesn't think he's Tom Cruise like my bloke. He goes through the bottom of socks quick sticks because he slides around on the floorboards!

Donna Lee said...

What a clever man! 5 ply socks! They sound cozy and warm.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I'm begining to think that he knows his way around your stash. Did he have the yarn picked out already for the socks?

OF is really starting to sound like a perfect knitter's companion.