Thursday, September 11, 2008

(No) Knitting on the Road

The forward momentum in my body has finally ceased, I'm caught up with the washing and the ironing and the house is almost liveable again.

From Thursday night until late Sunday night there was a lot of travelling (I lost count of how many times I drove the GDE but despite good intentions and excellent preparation, circumstances conspired for there to be very little knitting.

Thursday night 60k round trip to drop things off, see friends and buy stuff for Friday.

Friday drove to Wagga Wagga, that fabulous inland city, to collect Mum who'd been in Leeton for a week with her sister. Aunty Marj had business to do in Wagga so instead of a 10 hour round trip to get Mum, it was only 6 hours. No trip to Wagga is complete without a tour of the shops d'op and lunch with Kate. Had a lovely couple of hours with Kate and the charming Tilly (cannot believe she's already a year old). Much knitterly chat, a very yummy lunch (thanks Kate) and a couple of rounds of a sock and it was off to collect Mum. Our designated meeting place, St V de P in Peter Street. There was nothing to buy at Vinnies because Kate had already bagged 15 balls of Cleckheaton 5ply for $8 that morning. It's at my house now awaiting a custom over-dye by Spidey, because not many of us can wear lemon. I'd already bought 18 vintage knitting patterns at the Salvos. Not enough time to visit Faye's new shop, unfortunately, despite the pull of the Jo Sharp motherload that is there.
KNITTING: maybe 4 rounds of a 6ply sock (224 stitches)

Back to Canberra Friday night with just enough time to drop and settle Mum and race over the other side of town to collect the Old Flame, drop stuff off 3/4 the way back to my place and then to the pictures, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at ANU Film Group - loved it, completely OTT, favourite quotation (John Hurt as Prof. Oxley): "How much of human life is lost in waiting?"

Saturday was a long sleep-in, light op-shopping (more vintage patterns and some Tupperware), groceries, ferrying people about and preparing for Sunday.
KNITTING: Cast on 2 TTWCs and knitted 12 rounds in double rib (1232 stitches)

Sunday - rose at 3am, shower, dress, load car, buy fabulous egg and bacon rolls at the G-Spot food caravan in Gungahlin and board bus for 4.15am departure for the snow. Eat egg and bacon roll (known as a Complete Bastard if you want to order one), snuggle up to the Old Flame, sleep until Jindabyne.

Arrive Bullocks Flat, decant self and gear for the day, catch Skitube to Perisher. Help set up finishing line for Kosciusko Tour , cook second breakfast
(that's porridge with fresh chopped strawberries and toasted coconut cooked over a spirit stove) looking at this view.

Absolutely fabulous day. The first racer came in under 56 minutes, the last took about 3 hours. Weather was perfect. Sunny, not much wind and the threatening storm held off until much later in the day. Didn't even need to wear my gloves, which was good, because I was taking photographs of the racers as they crossed the finish line.

Skitube to Blue Cow for the presentations and a very late lunch. This was really the only chance to knit of the day - pity I'd left the knitting on the bus at Bullock's Flat.

Skitube back to Bullocks Flat, back on the bus, snuggle up to the Old Flame, sleep from Jindabyne to Canberra.

Unpack car, reload my car, home by 9.30. Explode contents of bags over living room and realise I've left current socks in progress on dresser at OF's.

Who'd have thought a long weekend of virtually no knitting could be so enjoyable!

TOTAL KNITTING 1456 stitches


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Hmmm sounds like a whole lot of makes up for the lack of knitting :)

Kuka said...

ooh that porridge looks delish!! I love porridge!
Sounds like a great weekend =)
ps i love lemon!

Donna Lee said...

What a lovely trip. It's hard to fathom, but lovely times can be had without knitting needles and yarn (I know, heresy!). And how lucky to know someone who can overdye the yarn. Lemon is a difficult color to wear unless you are a small child.

Kate said...

That's hilarious! It was lovely to have you over; I'm always happy to have folks visiting me out in the back blocks of Russia, er, Wagga. (Well, they both end with 'a', anyway).

The idea of all that travel and no knitting made me twitch. Still, early mornings and crisp mountain air totally does me in, too.

Did the ferrets leave the SIP alone?