Thursday, February 05, 2009

At the Clinic

Waiting room 1, 10.30am
Technician spies knitting and incredulously: Knitting?! Already?!
Taph, shaking head, slow smile forming: Still.

Waiting room 2, 10.55am
Elderly Polish woman smiling in recognition: something complete unintelligble (to me) in Polish, then clearly intelligible - You're not looking.
Taph: *shrugs* It's just easy stuff.

Waiting room 2, 11.00
Taph demonstrates by shoving the half-finished cowl over head: A scarf that doesn't flap.
Elderly Polish woman: *smiles approvingly*

Waiting room 2, 11.00-11.15
General discussion about charity knitting, socks for cancer patients, hats for Stasia, generally how wonderful Stasia is and the 4 large bags of wool the woman opposite is working her way through as cancer caps.

Waiting room 2, 11.30
Elderly Polish woman's daughter: Mum still knits. She's 94.
Taph: That's fantastic - what does she knit?
Elderly Polish woman's daughter: Beautiful socks, on really small needles.
Taph: I want to be her!

Waiting room 2, 11.50
Newly arrived woman: Now I want to knit - do you have a spare?
Taph: Yup. Hands over spare TTWC.

Waiting room 2. 12.10
Newly arrived woman gets called and hands back TTWC: Now I know what to bring to these days - I can't concentrate on puzzles.

Waiting room 2. 12.15
Late middle aged couple enter.
Him: I've never seen needles that short.
Taph: Demonstrates Denise interchangeables. Also good as a garotte!
Him: Ah, you've been waiting a while then.

Examination room. 12.30
Technician 2: Just pop into this gown, I'll be back in a minute.

Examination room. 12.35
Technician 2: OK, you're right to go - whoa! (spying knitting) - you don't like to waste time do you?
Taph: Do I have time to waste?
Technician 2: You're all clear - at least another 40 years.
Taph: Hope I've got enough stash for that.

Everyone. Please check your breasts regularly.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Glad you got the all clear...

chocolatetrudi said...

Love (1)

Kuka said...

oh Taph that's excellent!!
Thanks for sharing =)
ps. this is a little embarrassing, but when i saw the photo of the roo below my first thought was "wow, taph's sitting on a roo" then "hey that is one big roo!" hehenow i see the seat (that small vs. far away thing really gets me sometimes!)

JustJess said...

Great news - congratulations.

Taphophile said...

Kuka I may have lost a lot of weight - but not that much! He was an average roo who was very close to the camera.

Everyone, thanks for your good wishes.

Jejune said...

Great series of conversations, and funny to see that knitting trumps puzzles ;)

Having just (safely) gone through my own 'boob scare' this past week, I can only agree - see your GP as soon as you can if you're worried about anything suspect.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

You want to be the elderly Polish woman...I want to be you!

Michelle said...

That's great news. And what a lovely story to go with it.