Thursday, February 12, 2009

So 9 cowls and 3 berets in a fortnight - comfort knitting. Loving Patons Inca, right now. It's a big quick knit, without being too chunky, and has enough wool and alpaca in the blend for a good hand feel when knitting. It's a loosely plied yarn and others have commented on the splittiness of it, but with a blunter needle (using Denise Interchangeables ATM), not bad at all.

The cowl is Snuggle Cowl, by Elspeth Kursh AKA Wry Punster. The pattern isn't on the blog, though, only on Ravelry - sorry non Ravellers.

The beret pattern is my own - will write it up, eventually

Not blocked yet, but soon.


Marg B said...

Wow! You are so productive. I thought you were going to slowdown on your charity knitting? How fast were you going last year???

Taphophile said...

Can't help myself, Marg, and I reckon the people of the Gippsland might need a few things this winter.

Donna Lee said...

The hat is pretty, simple but the decreases make it look elegant. You sure are a knitting whiz.