Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flick Knits

The movie year has begun. ANU Film Group started up again last week.

Ill health (create a shared history - give your loved one food poisoning for your very first St Valentine's Day together!) kept us from attending Quantum of Solace on the first night but I reckon the knit quotient in that is fairly low anyway.

There was no knitting to discover in Burn After Reading, either, which we took in on Friday night. Coen brothers through and through. Incandescent performance from Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton shone. Not so much Brad Pitt - wrong side of ham.

A freebie to the preview of a new NZ flick, Dean Spanley, netted a much more likely bunch of knits. Two garter stitch scarves (Bryan Brown's looked the more interesting of the two, if any garter stitch scarf could be called interesting), and a black capelet which I would love to have seen more of. There was also a fine fisherman's rib jumper. Definitely one for the pause treatment when the DVD comes out.

The movie was lovely. It's odd, quirky even, but Sam Neil does a fantastic job, as does the ever-divine Peter O'Toole. As frail as O'Toole obviously is, he still has IT. Bryan Brown played his usual character, and Jeremy Northam held it all together quite well. It's a story about loss and grief and while not completely successful, is worth a watch.


LynS said...

Thanks for the reviews Taph. I've seen the trailer for Dean Stanley and thought it looked interesting. I'l try to catch it. I hope it hasn't already been and gone in the cinemas here!

Lynne said...

I've never thought of reviewing movies for their knits! Tee-hee!
Love the Agatha Christie/Miss Marple series for the same reason though!! Miss Marple actually knits on tv! LOL

Donna Lee said...

Quantum of Solace may not be good knitting material but it is certainly good man watching material! Daniel Craig is really good as Bond. He's my favorite one so far.