Tuesday, February 03, 2009


sb lovecraft asked in the comments for more information about the Tupperware Collection Development Policy. Everyone else can look away now.

Mon was the first to use the term Tupperwhore to me, and it is so apt.

I was in my early 30s before I attended my first Tupperware Party. I was a Tupper-naysayer and only attended as a favour to the hostess on the understanding that I didn't have to buy anything if I kept my opinions to myself. It was expensive and plastic and my mother and grandmother used it - enough for a proto-greenie, feminist, frugal woman to justify avoidance. I admit to being scornful. Jan, I know exactly how you feel.

That first party, though, had me hooked. Not the embarrasing games (at which I excelled BTW - this girl knows her chocolate!), the dinky giveaways or the how-to-microwave-a-blackforest-cake-while-shaving-your-legs-and-whipping-up-a-couple-of-pinnies-in-your-pearls activities. It was one product that did it.

Rock n' Serve
I could cook in bulk, freeze in the Rock 'n' Serve, microwave the Rock 'n' Serve, and bung the Rock 'n' Serve in the dishwasher. And if anything went wrong with them, ever, Tuppeware would replace it - free. Sold! - I bought a set.

But it remained a secret and shameful, passion - not least because I was buying plastic! One evening I admitted this shame to a new friend who taught eco-living at TAFE. She led me gently by the hand to her kitchen and opened the cupboard - TUPPERWARE! She explained that it was a single purchase of highly durable and reusable storage containers and she recommended them to her students.

10 years on, I still use those original sets which is more than I can say for any of the cheaper containers I've acquired.

So, the collection development policy.

What I collect:

  • Rock 'n' Serve (natch), or any container I can freeze.
  • Storage containers, pantry and fridge - I don't really care about uniformity in the cupboard, any colour or size is fine, but when the seals need replacing, I prefer black seals. I prefer the square or oval containers as they often stack and always take up less space than the round versions.
  • FridgeSmart items - these things really do keep fruit and veg much fresher. I took the vegie crisper out of the fridge when I got my first couple of these.
  • preferably used items. I'll pay up to $6 for a piece of prize Tupperware (like a Rock 'n' Serve).

What I don't collect:

  • Round containers
  • Novelty/single use items
  • Items with too many pieces - bits get lost and/or take up valuable storage space
  • Items with sticky out handles - again a storage issue.
  • Items with limited guarantees - defeats the whole point

There are exceptions:
This is a "vintage" chicken keeper. It's big and bulky and novelty, but it was a gift at Christmas from the Old Flame, and I love it. There's room in every collection for the sentimental and kooky, and I'll manufacture a use of it quite soon.

And, sb lovecraft, if you get that spare parts manual - I'd love a gander.


sue said...

I remember those tupperware parties and I think when I was in my 20's I attended about 12 different ones as our group of friends would hold a party and receive some special gift. I think when I held my party I received suitcases. I still use my tupperware too and it is still used to this day.

Jejune said...

I was in my 40s before I went to a Tupperware party, and am now a big fan of their can opener and the fridge vegie/fruit boxes that you have too ...

Good to know they have the eco-friendly stamp of approval too :)

I love those bright red containers - very pretty, as well as useful!

Petunia said...

I still have and use Tupperware that I know I took to Panama in 1980! Loved the lettuce keeper - and mom had that roast chicken keeper, too. It lasts almost forever, and the seals stay bug-tight. Worldwide, we love Tupperware!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

My own tupperware addiction is fueled by an unlikely source......my DH...

What else am I suppose to do when he says "I think that we could use more Tupperware" It helps, I think that he has seen me bring back items that we've have for over 15 years and get them replaced

sb lovecraft said...

OMG! A whole post about my question and I'm just a casual lurker!

We like a good rock and serve here too. A modular modular mate in an op shop will make my heart skip a beat. I have a bit of a thing for 'Suzettes' they're the perfect toddler lunchboxes (three so far). I quite like little round containers at the moment, again they're perfect for toddler foods.

I don't have an upper price limit, but I wouldn't have spent more than $6 on a second hand item, new stuff hmmmm.........

I went to my first tupperware party with my mother, aged about 10 and I have been attending them ever since.

And yes I am a tupperwhore!

sb lovecraft said...

Hey Taph! I have a copy of the spare parts manual for you. I can't find an email address for you. Not sure how we go about exchanging addresses on the interweb.... without either one of us being endlessly spammed!

Taphophile said...

Oooh, sb lovecraft that's fabulous - thanks. Email addy is over under my profile but I'll risk telling you that it's peggysmum AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk . The Yahoo SPAM filter does a pretty good job.