Tuesday, February 01, 2011

12 into 11 - January Update

I opted into Louisa's challenge of only buying 12 clothing items in 2011.  That makes it roughly one item a month.  Given that I'm already de-cluttering, it seemed a reasonable and possibly aspirational thing to say yes to.

I had already purchased a dress to wear to a family wedding in April.  So that was the January allowance used up.

I've not stopped looking in op-shops; that would be cowardice, but knowing I can only have 12 things in the year has made me look at the racks differently.

If I'm spending one of my precious items, do I really want it to be a cheap, worn t-shirt or really cute ridiculously high-heeled shoes that would be worn once and relegated to the back of the cupboard and eventually an "outs" bag? The answer is invariably "no", although it was a close run thing with those Very Silly Shoes.

I'm also anticipating purchases. Five Ferns is looking for a down-filled jacket for me (can't get one in my size in Australia), as well as some exempt thermals, and there will inevitably be a t-shirt or jersey purchase as a souvenir of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. So really I only have 9 items left for the next 11 months.

Except that I only have 8.  We found two Australian representative grid-iron shirts at the Salvos on half price ($3.50 each).  They are perfect to wear to the Australia v Italy World Cup match in September (over the top of our warm clothes).  They are unneccessary and frivolous and yet absolutely essential.  I was unable to resist.

In January I bought/received/made the following exempt items.
  • a divine hand-knitted cashmere shawl which will go with the dress, so wedding outfit sorted which was a gift from a clever and lovely friend
  • 2 long sleeved t-shirts and a hoodie from Mum as part of her wardrobe clean out
  • 1 hat for protection of fair skin in great outdoors, gift from Tip Shop
  • 1 hat for the footy.  It's a Brumbies bucket hat - I loathe baseball style caps on my head, and won't wear the one that comes with our membership if I can help it.  Gift from TOF
  • 1 oversized men's shirt, gift from my brother to be remodelled.
  • 1 pr sports shoes (brand new without tags from op-shop for $8.  I priced them in a sports shop, originally $120)
  • 1 pr swimmers (brand new without tags from op-shop for $8.  I also priced these - $90)
  • 3 prs hand knitted sports socks.  (A) underwear is exempt (2) handmade is exempt.  Do I get bonus points for hand-making an already exempt item?
I did debate including the swimmers in my 12 but decided they were exempt because they are (kinda) underwear and definitely fit into the safety clothing category - safety for everyone else in the pool, really.  ToF and I do an aqua fitness class once a week, and the tankini rides up and is not much fun when doing strenuous if supported exercise.  The new cossie is much more suitable for actually moving in.



louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

Hi Taph,

Good to hear how you're doing with the challenge - well done for not putting the blinkers on in shops like I've been doing -- staring temptation in the face and resisting, go you!

I think I'd probably include swim stuff in the exclusion category too - it's not exactly every day clothing and that safety angle is important ;)

Good gift haul too - I'm off to a clothes swap next week and I'm hoping to get a few items to expand my wardrobe choices without using up any of my item credits :)

Donna Lee said...

I have been doing well lately. I haven't bought any clothes since I bought some dress pants to replace some that are too big so the too big ones went to the Goodwill.

I am limiting my clothing purchases to change-of-season clothes. I won't buy anything (I just stopped going "window shopping") until I put the winter clothes away and get out the spring/summer ones.

Lynne said...

I'd particiapte but I think it'd be unfair. The last clothes I bought were the skirt and top I bought for DD's wedding in January 2009 and shoes at the same time!

Needless to say, I'm not into clothes shopping; although I have been wearing the same three pairs of non-stretch cotton jeans for five years so I really do need to think about slacks for winter (I can't stand stretch denim) and a new pair of flat leather lace ups (mine are falling apart).

Taphophile said...

That's impressive Lynne. Hope you enjoy replacing your jeans and shoes. :)

Hope you get to change your seasonal clothes soon, Donna Lee.