Monday, February 07, 2011

Seven Things Week 13

Back at my place for a few nights this week as we're back at work, I've resumed caring duties for Mum and Junior is back at tech.

Yarn destash is at a difficult stage.  Firstly, it is hard to let go of stash.  Really hard.  Secondly, I've lost momentum from not living with it for 5 weeks, and thirdly, I've overloaded my usual recipients of stash. By that I mean people who respect the yarn and whom I trust to do the right thing by it.

To aid the decision making process I dragged several large plastic bins (120 litre bins) from the yarn cellar and left them where they had to be negotiated when I moved almost anywhere in the house.  Boxes were opened and closed; opened, partially examined and closed; opened, fully exhumed and closed; and finally opened and decanted into bags and boxes and loaded into the car.

I considered Ravelry destash but couldn't face it hanging around once the decision was made and the thought of having to deal with people over it made me want to cry, so this week I took yarn to the op shop.

I have not completely abandoned stash.  As I have found from previous attempts to cull the herd; stash has its own level, resents vicious pruning and has it's own way of getting back at me if I disrespect it.  To reassure it that I mean only to rid myself of that which would languish underappreciated and unknit, I have bought (on destash), bamboo blend sock yarn for ToF.

  • 1 ball sock yarn (more bamboo blend for TOF) RAVELRY DESTASH
  • 1 pr boots for TOF (bnwt) replacing the outs from last week $17 OP SHOP
  • 1 Rock 'n Serve $8 OP SHOP  a bit pricey but cheaper than new and ALL of ours are currently in use
  • 1 book $3 OP SHOP.  TOF is trying out Iain Banks.
  • 2 Brumbies members caps FREE WITH MEMBERSHIP
  • 1 cheese knife. $4 OP SHOP
  • 1 pr shorts - GIFT
  • 2 calendars - GIFTS
  • 2 bookmarks - GIFTS
  • 1 pr trousers - fiddly and highly crushable.  I've worn them once this summer, gone to wear them twice and replaced them with something simpler.  OP SHOP
  • 1 bookmark - GIFT
  • 1 magazine - GIFT
  • 51 items of baby clothes that have been hanging around for months - finally off to women's shelter. DONATION
  • 1 drinking glass, smashed in the sink :( BIN
  • 2 cd racks - OP SHOP
  • 272 balls yarn DONATION AND GIFTS
Nothing completed this week.

IN   12
OUT 329

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Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Well if you are really looking for a way to get rid of stash...I know of an Australian coming to Canada in just over a week who would be willing to be my yarn mule. (Sheepish Grin)