Monday, February 14, 2011

Seven Things Week 14

Work is back into full swing and full on.  While I have fewer temptations, there is also less time for de-cluttering.   I'm not home until 7.30pm at the earliest after work and a couple hours of dealing with Mum's needs.  Motivation to do even more work can be low when I've been hard at it for 12 hours by then.

I'm countering the temptation to sit on the couch with a cuppa and my knitting by building in decluttering with normal activity.  It's slower than but ultimately more sustanable than the "must clear this room tonight" method.

So putting the folding away means removing everything from one shelf or drawer, appraising and following through.   I only have to do one container (draw, box, shelf) a night and there is always a cardboard box by the front door ready to receive the outs. 

Realistically this means 4 nights a week at the most and most weeks only three nights, but it all adds to up.

This week the camisole and singlet drawer got the treatment, as did the sewing patterns, a box of jars, bottles and vases from under the house and what I optimistically call my "going out"clothes.

  • 1 camel pack (actually last week, but I forgot) $3 GARAGE SALE
  • 1 nightie - GIFT
  • 1 jumper - GIFT (for unravelling and knitting into socks)
  • 2 shirts for TOF $5 OP SHOP
  • 2 tv series on DVD $2 OP SHOP
  • 1 wheat pack $4 OP SHOP
  • 1 cage to protect veggies from possums and my dogs FREECYCLE
  • 1 belt sander GIFT FOR TOF
  • 2 huge bound volumes of the Sydney Morning Herald (1856 an 1861).  These were a gift from an aunt about 30 years ago.  They lived under my childhood bed.  This week the perfect recipient for something that was really a burden turned up.  So tempting to count every issue out - GIFT
  • 2 dinner sets - OP SHOP
  • 22 decorative jars OP SHOP
  • 2 Tupperware containers GIFTS
  • 1 top - body-hugging green stretch satin, never worn in 18 months (wonder why?!) - OP SHOP
  • 1 tapestry frame - OP SHOP
  • 4 old software installation CDs and associated manuals - BIN
  • 16 balls yarn - OP SHOP
  • 19 sewing patterns - OP SHOP
  • 13 singlet tops, singlets and camis - OP SHOP
  • 1 framed print - OP SHOP
  • 3 books - LIFELINE
  • 1 pr handknitted sports socks (again)
IN 10
OUT 86
SIAA   1

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