Monday, February 21, 2011

Seven Things Week 15

Freecycle could be my undoing.  When someone offered a popcorn maker this week, it was on the proviso we take all the other kitchen stuff they'd decluttered as well.

It was difficult sorting through two large boxes of assorted paraphernalia, much of it new, and getting rid of it.  It was nice stuff and it was free!  However, we were pretty strong.  Some of the mugs are going into work so there is a nice matching set for guests, we've earmarked some items for friends who would like at least first refusal, some we binned and some will make it back to Freecycle and then to the op shop if no one wants them.

We ended up keeping a tea infuser (I have a lot of leaf tea and I can use the infuser for single cups, which is what I make at work so it's really a way of using things up), a pudding basin just because it's a nice thick china, a teatowel because it's a perfectly fine teatowel  and, of course, the popcorn maker.

We buy green coffee beans through Coffee Snobs and TOF has killed a few popcorn makers roasting beans. 

  • 3 lamb fleeces GIFT
  • 1 rain jacket.  TOF got it for me for $1 with the intention of leaving it in NZ later in the year.  We're setting aside clothing for NZ with the intention of leaving it in an Auckland op shop so we have space for fibrey souvenirs.  The wine and Whittakers chocolate will come back on my hips. GIFT
  • 1 jam funnel $15.90 NEW, RETAIL but not the $38 one local shop is asking.  Anyone wanting a stainless steel jam funnel o' bliss go to Butts 'n Brew at Kaleen shops
  • 1 dinner set - TOF's china pattern, a partial setting for 4 (missing two tea cups and saucers) $20 at Vinnies
  • 2 pieces fabric.  $11 Vinnies
  • 1 knife.  Note to self.  Get a footy kit together and put it in one place.  We had to buy a small knife to cut up our cooked chook at the footy.  $7
  • 1 tea towel FREECYCLE
  • 1 pudding basin FREECYCLE
  • 1 tea infuser FREECYCLE
  • 1 popcorn maker to use for coffee bean roasting.  FREECYCLE
  • 20 old jumpers (from the unravelling and felting stash) GIFTS and DONATIONS
  • 4 bead containers GIFT
  • 16 stencils GIFT
  • 8 bags sequins GIFT
  • 1 bag beads GIFT
  • 1 Tupperware container DONATION
another pair of hand-knitted sports socks - but this time in hot pink!

IN 13
OUT 50


Leah said...

I love your efficient packing plan for the whittakers and wine

Taphophile said...

Thanks, Leah - so far we're not asked to weigh in and out, so it's the safest bet. ;)