Friday, November 18, 2005

Crikey, I did it.

That was easy.

Having thought about this for weeks, a glass of wine and a need to procrastinate was all it took to make me a blogger.

So what am I procrastinating about? Well the need to clean up the spare room to find my camera cable for a start, reinstalling software on the laptop, hanging out the washing, putting the dishes away and starting any of the books currently needing to be read either for book group or as part of a BookCrossing ring. Manyana....

More importantly, what was I drinking? Just finished a Kruger Wines, Carinya Sauvignon Blanc 2004 from the ACT Wine Industry Network club. Fresh little white - good for quaffing but not for impressing guests.

On the needles at the moment (pics to follow)
*Jacaranda blue cotton cardie for the next baby boy
*Candy pink cotton cardie for the next baby girl
*Shiraz mohair lace scarf for SIL's Christmas present
*Ecru cabled tunic for JEC's birthday (ok, she had her birthday already, but she'll have another one!)
*My neverending winter shawl that's been so close to being finished for 12 months

Next in line
*Wool cardie for JeJune's soon to be born niece or nephew in London
*Socks in that fantastic Opal wool for me

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