Saturday, November 26, 2005

Op shops are evil!

A quick visit to a couple of local op shops this morning and my stash has exploded.

750g of a creamy 8ply wool ($12)
250g of bottle green 8ply wool ($2)
400g of not quite new brown tweedy 8ply wool ($5)
3 pairs bakelite needles ($3)
Stitch holder ($0.50)
100g of Cleckheaton varigated pinks baby DK ($2)
bag of assorted crochet cottons ($1)
Katia knitting magazine ($2)
400g Katia apricot ribbon yarn ($8)
450g Katia red and white varigated cotton ($8)

I estimate at least 8 nascent projects in this little lot. I even managed to LEAVE some quite nice yarns behind!

Oh well, off to bag up my haul. As penance I must do the ironing before I pick up my needles tonight.

The bugger is that I forgot to take a pile of books to cross. I had heaps of grocery themed releases all lined up. Still, got all mums grocery shopping done, so I have achieved something today.


Jejune said...

Wow - you did incredibly well - whenever I go to the op shops, they have NO wool or needles left... Amazing. I can see I'll have to lift my game seriously ;)

Taphophile said...

Just what I need, Jejune, competition in the op shops!

Actually thought the green might be nice for the London Baby.