Saturday, November 19, 2005

OTN - SIL's "Old Shale" Shiraz Scarf

This is a gorgeous Cleckheaton 12 ply mohair. I picked up 2 x 50g balls and a small amount of another ball in a Salvos store some time last year and have been waiting for the right project to present itself.

The photo does not do it justice. The wool is a rich maroon colour and the pattern quite delicate. With the pattern being over 5 stitches, there is no wrong side to the work.

Materials: About 110g of Cleckheaton Mohair, 12 ply (worsted). It's 92% Mohair, 4% Wool and 4% Nylon. 100m to a 50g ball.

Needles: 7.5mm plastic

Pattern: Found just the right pattern at the Mielkes Fibre Art site. Old Shale is fancy looking but easy enough to do, and frankly the gauge doesn't really matter. I'm just knitting until I run out of wool.

Vital Statistics (added 24 November)
18cm (7 inches) wide, 175cm (69 inches) long and fluffy.

This pic from the Mielkes Fibre Art site.


Annie said...

I am doing the same, knitting for people for Christmas, which this year has turned out for me very cheap, as I have a bit of a stash happening at home.

I have really enjoyed knitting and I am still knitting (like a mad woman) to get things done for Christmas Presents.

Annie said...
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Taphophile said...

Sorry Annie, managed to delete one of your comments - I am SUCH a newbie. Luckily still had the moderation email - thanks for the comment, BTW :)

"I am doing this same this year, Knitting for Christmas, which has turned out to be very cheap for me this year as I have a bit of a stash happening at home.

My sister and her daughters are getting scarfs, my parents and inlaws are getting rugs.

I think it is a great idea and have really enjoyed knitting them presents. "