Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Meet the Quality Control Supervisor

This is Peggy. She is the Quality Control Supervisor around here. Originally she wasn't happy about knitting. Knitting needles are sharp and take up hands that could otherwise be occupied patting and hugging. She changed her mind when I knitted her "Triple Choc". She and her sister, Rosie, got not quite matching jumpers this year. They are pure wool 8ply and feel warm and soft.

Rosie, on the right, is wearing "Mocha Dream". Rosie lost "Mocha Dream" one stormy night (it was recovered some months later) and one of my OTN projects is a punishment jumper for Rosie called "Raspberry Ripple". It's made of cream chenile with a raspberry angora and a raspberry novelty yarn. The other dogs are REALLY gonna laugh when they see her in that one. That'll teach her!

The weather has turned so cold here, both girls have begged to go back into their jumpers at night.


happyspider said...

hahahaha! you have come to the dark side, i could feel the blogger within you... etc etc, insert darth vader breathing here.
your dogs are adoreable, i cant wait to see the punishment jumper. i wonder if it works for boyfriends (though he is usually capable of removing his own clothing, so that's a set-back. punishment straight-jacket perhaps, with faux-fur trim.)
anyway, welcome!

Taphophile said...

I blame you entirely for this blog. I was only flirting with the idea until I met an ACTUAL blogger.

Boyfriend punishment straight jacket wth faux-fur trim and matching headband and earrings would work best. Now you know what to do with that red pouffy stuff!

Jejune said...

All you need now is the Marley's Ghost felted chain-link scarf, and Flick the bondage whip, both from Knitty ;)

This is for the errant boyfriend, not the errant dog, by the way.

Peggy is very cute. But you knew that already, didn't you? And she knows it too.

Dana Watsham said...


I 'extended' the Marley's Ghost into this:


- since I'm married to a Brit and totally HATE being referred to as 'the old ball and chain'. It's a handbag - the 'ball' was felted over an old plastic toy ball and given a zipper, so that it will hold keys, mobile phone, cigarettes, etc. I used it on one memorable night out. He has never used the phrase since!