Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Easter bunny arrives a little early

Popped over to see my friend Gaye this evening. She's down looking after grandchildren, so not staying with me this time. David stayed in Sydney.

I had to go over to hear about their most recent OS trip -
a couple of weeks in New Zealand and pick up these; the keys to heaven - well to Gaye and David's house in Sydney. I'll be staying there for Easter while they are in Melbourne.

I also had a lovely surprise of this; Lindt carrots - yum ;)

and a mystery box (not the fabric behind - that's a kid's applique thing that's going to become a needle roll sometime this month, but it suited the Easter theme).

The box is old, small and heavy and all the way from NZ. What can it be?

Woo hoo, it's a vintage yarn swift! The kids (3 & 5) were intrigued and then enthralled when I produced knitting from my handbag and we wound the ball onto the swift, then rewound it into a ball. Many rousing renditions of "Round and Round the Garden" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep" were sung to keep our spirits up.

The box is original and contains the original instructions. They are priceless! When I get the scanner's valves warmed up, I'll post it over on Vague. I'm in charge until the HappySpider returns from her island retreat, so I should do something soon.


larissa said...

I'm so intrigued... Lindt carrots?? I never knew vegies could be so tasy!

Taphophile said...

Now if they could just invent Lindt Brussels Sprouts! ;)

Jejune said...

The vintage swift looks simply gorgeous - I can't wait to meet it in person! Does it have a name yet?

And yeah, I'm with you on the Lindt brussel sprouts, only way to stomach those little yuckies.