Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Holiday Knitting

I'm off to Sydney for Easter. Four whole days to myself! One day at the Royal Easter Show, an afternoon watching my favourite Rugby League team, the mighty Blue Bags, play at home (I MISS Henson Park, people) and trips to Kumfs for a new pair of boots and shoes, Haighs for some chocky frogs and maybe an Easter bilby, and one work related trip, but just a small one, promise. I'm not telling the Sydney crowd I'm in town. Selfish, I know, but I REALLY need a break.

Food staples are packed - cereal, coffee grounds, thermos, packet of sweets, travel mug and water bottle. Clothes are packed - two pairs of jeans, four black t-shirts, a black jumper, a black spray jacket, jim jams, an appropriate quantity of socks and jocks, one pair black boots. I've selected the audio books for the car and packed a couple of novels for other times.

Major dilemma - what knitting to pack?

Do I take one or more of the current projects to complete or do I pack something new so I have a souvenir? Decisions, decisions.

Definitley not the Motherly Mohair, which has been shelved. Mum's getting Tupperware icecube trays for her birthday instead. Sounds dull, I know, but these icecube trays are FANTASTIC. The SIL and nephew, who also have birthdays this month, are getting cash, so gift projects are off the list.

I'm wavering between socks and a wrap. Will decide tomorrow, I guess.


Jejune said...

Enjoy your trip, and don't let that naughty puppy of yours keep you home!

I'd take 2 projects - something that you need a bit of concentration and peace and quiet to finish (socks?), and something for 'automatic pilot' knitting.

Hope you have a wonderful time, Taph - you deserve the break!

Sheep Rustler said...

Have a fantastic time! I always take socks as travel projects but that's just me. Love the boots BTW, I love ankle boots too.