Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mood: Chuffed

For several reasons, I am chuffed.

  1. I'm still on the "Use What You Have Month" wagon. Admittedly working all day yesterday limited the opportunites, but I could have been bad and wasn't.
  2. Yesterday's work was staffing an information desk at the Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra's genealogy showcase. Not busy at all and I knitted most of the time. Finished another matinee jacket and also my first "Use What You Have Month" item, a black beanie from the yarn left over from the Wedding Hats. I think this beanie will be a gift to our favourite barista, Beau the Boy Manager of Starbucks, Civic. (pics later)
  3. The intermittant decluttering at Chez Taph reached a whole new level today. Two young women of my acquaintance (work with the mother of one and am a neighbour to the other, who's father was in the Airforce with my dad - it's Canberra, happens all the time) are about to move out of home. This afternoon they collected a two seater couch and a pine wardrobe to add to their furnishings. In order to find room for the stuff that had been in the wardrobe (TV and DVD/VCR, videos, dvds and large amount of stash), I cleared out a chest of drawers and another wardrobe resuting in 5 garbage bags full of clothes and shoes going to St Vincent de Paul, 3 bags to my SIL and another bag for JEC.
  4. Franklin mentioned me in his blog. My reaction was the opposite of cool.

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Jejune said...

3 gold stars and a Yeee haaaaaa! for you, Taph!