Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Very Good Friday

Finally left work at 4 on Thursday afternoon. Yes, I know I was leaving at lunchtime but sometimes I just have to be the boss and lead by example - that and there was a lot to do and very few staff to do it.

Anyway, a few stops for petrol etc. and I was on my way. The road to and from Sydney I have driven hundreds of times and in the gathering dark is not particularly interesting. The audio-book was fine company, "A Spell of Winter" by Helen Dunmore, won the Orange Prize a few years back, and reached Sydney in reasonable time. Stopped at Coles at one of the big malls, and ran full-force into Easter. It took 90 minutes to get out and I had 4 potatoes, 2 zucchini, a carrot, some broccoli, a litre of soy milk, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, two lamb steaks, a packet of dried apricots and some soy icecream (So Good Chocolate - definitely OK particularly when on special).

Screaming kids and late evening after a long day; thankfully I had my knitting! I nearly left my handbag knitting at home but at the last minute chucked it into the daypack and now I'm REALLY pleased. It's amazing how much of a baby's matinee jacket (yes, another one) can be knitted standing in a supermarket queue for an hour, while inching the shopping basket towards the checkout with one's foot.

Eventually got to Gaye and David's just after 9pm. Unpacked the groceries, unpacked the clothes, sorted out the knitting projects (I brought 5, not including the handbag knitting). This may be overkill but due to babysitting the nieces and nephew on Wednesday night with no notice at all, there was no time for decision making.

Yes, Jejune and Judy, a sock is among these projects, along with Angelina, JEC's cabled tunic, a capelet and a shawl.

Friday - it was forecast to be 29 deg so this little black duck opted for continuous pots of coffee, a book ("Elegance" by Kathleen Tressaro - definitely better than your average chick lit) and knitting the capelet. Radio National played a very good recording of the St Matthew Passion all morning. I had a lovely day.

Capelet no. 1 is a bit (read only a young child could wear this) small. Obviously the homespun (regular readers, yes both of you, might remember the gift of homespun from my SIL's godmother) isn't as chunky as first thought. Using the A Capella pattern from Knitty. And before anyone can accuse me of not doing a tension square the pattern says guage isn't important! Obviously the designer lied and wanted me to buy hideously expensive American yarn but I won't be beaten and there's LOTS of this wool, so I've started another one using two strands of wool. This one is definitely chunkier and it's absolutely Use What You Have.

Right, now it's time for a shower and my assault on the op shops of the Inner West, Reverse Garbage and Blue Bags v Tigers at Henson Park (I'm HOME, my lovelies).


happyspider said...

yay! welcome home! and dont worry, i stayed out last night and took four projects with me (all socks of course :p)

Jejune said...

Oooh I love Reverse Garbage - an amazing place! So glad you're having an excellent time away - it is LONG overdue :)

And yay for handbag knitting!