Thursday, May 18, 2006

In an unguarded moment...

I met one of my teen pin-ups, Steve Kilbey, lead singer of The Church. Unfortunately it was at the funeral of his aunt who was also a family friend of ours. I was cool, shook hands and gave my condolences, but, man, it was freaky! He's aged (while I, of course, remain 17). One of the pieces of music at the funeral was "Under the Milky Way", still a beautiful and moving song after all these years. Steve's eulogy for Irene was his blog entry which he read at the service. Irene's husband and daughter were both strong and dignified.

A little light op-shopping afterwards to take the edge off a bit, and I popped into the National Library for a free screening of Japanese Story. Excellent film, just about in my budget and I managed to knit half a beanie. So that's two completed and one on the needles from the scary 70s poncho. Ooh look - here they are.

In other knitting news, I cast off the bloody loofah this morning. Now to work out some handles for it.

And I'm still doing the hat thing. This is a watch cap, pattern by Sarah Bradberry, in handspun I picked up in an op shop yonks ago. I didn't like it much in the ball, but it was wool and figured it would come in handy for a stripe or something. As it is, I think this watch cap is staying with me for a while. It's super soft knitted up and the porridge colour is not at all boring but has all these fascinating little flecks of brown. Yes, I am easily amused, thanks for asking.

Sound track tonight is Blurred Crusade, The Church.

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Jejune said...

Wow. How amazing, and how sad. I really liked the eulogy... ((hugs))

So glad you were able to relax with the movie (sorry I wasn't able to join you), and so GLAD the Bloody Loofah is DONE. Handles shmandles... tie 'em up with string. Or lakky bands. Or something. It's DONE! :)