Friday, May 19, 2006

A little something for the weekend?

Conscious of last nights rather dark photographs, I dragged some yarn into the light of the garden this morning. Look what I found. The month of May is just a tad early for jonquils in this neck of the woods. Don't have the heart to pick this brave little bunch.

This Sunday is the Celebration of Wool at the Old Bus Depot Markets. I am planning to spend the day surrounded by yarn loveliness of all descriptions. Independent yarn producers and fibre creators of all kinds will be selling their wares. Some of our local groups will be there as well. The Spinners and Weavers are always there, I'm told the ACT Knitters, with whom I have been trying to make contact, will be there, and the Canberra Mothercraft knitters will be having a stall with their tea cosies for sale.

It's our normal SnB day, so many of my yarn sisters will be at the Markets and some will go over to Starbucks for SnB at 2pm. I don't know what I'll do at that time. I had intended to stay all day, knitting in public and generally showing the SnB flag, and I don't know if I can be drawn away from all the woolly goodness.

Now the decision has to be made, what will I be working on at the markets? Obviously more than one project will be required. It needs to be an easy enough pattern that I can do it without worrying about interruptions etc, but something a bit more visually appealing than the ex-poncho hats and the porridge watch cap which are my current gifts-a-go-go.

I could take the green Opal socks from their hidey hole (if I can find where that is), but I'm at a crucial stage in the heel on that, so maybe not. The black lacy sock is at a similar stage, and yes there is a pattern forming here. No further sock castonage will happen until at least one of these pairs is finished. So socks get a tick for portability and the green ones get another tick for colour, but they aren't at a stage where they can leave the house yet.

Hmm. What else. The Voodoo wrist warmers, while portable and knitted on dpns which add a certain danger factor, are black and will probably be finished tonight anyway. So they are out.

Obviously the Kiri shawl is far too complicated for general viewing and putting people off SnB by my foul temper and increasingly ripe language may prove counter productive. The cabled tunic is too large for carting around and I've lost interest in the Angelina cardigan which is also a bit heavy for taking out and the excitement factor of endless double rib approaches zero.

Well that means new projects in a zippy yarn, doesn't it?

How about these beauties? Recent op-shop purchases and out of my usual range of all-natural fibre. Both of these have something of the novelty yarn about them, and the Mikado has a silver thread running through it. There's 400g here of a wool/acrylic/metal blend that's just screaming to be a wrap of some sort. Big needles, perhaps on the bias?

This lot is 150g of a wool blend boucle, but aren't the colours pretty? I'm thinking a not too long, not too wide, self-fringed, end to end scarf.

What say all of you?


happyspider said...

hmmmm hard to say taph! *rubs chin thoughtfully* i like the mikado, but should obviously fondle it before passing any sort of judgement... *cough*
sideways scarves make me swear....
hope to see you in one of the locations of knittorama ;) will have my friendly yarn-carrier (who is very excited to see all my ladies again :p arent boys suprising??)

knittydoll said...

What did you end up taking? Boucle was certainly the theme of Wool Day don't you think? Had a blast, though was there v. v. early and as such no sighting of snb presence (v. sensible)... snb... not me.

kylie said...

love the mikado...definately some kind of dramatic night time wrap thing. a friend of mine had some stuff like that panda and she made a great kids jumper with it cos its so nice and soft...and hearing you guys talk makes me think i really need to try something more complicated than different patterns in straight rows!! hope to catch you soon, i am headed into starbucks this thurs at 1230 if you are not working...

Jejune said...

What a lot of yummy things you've got there Taph! Yes, go with a pretty scarf with that Mikado, I think.

The Markets were great fun, weren't they? I got off lightly with only one skein of wool, but would have bought more if I'd been there for longer, with more cash.

Are your jonquils still flowering? They are very brave indeed! Maybe you could knit them little tiny flower-stem warmers to keep the frost off...

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

You'v had fun doing the op shopping! i had a quick look at the Red Cross one in Kal as it was near where I parked and not a ball of yarn anywhere so I am going to find the others and have a quizzy at them.I really have too much wool on hand but the odd time I have found a jewel that has become the perfect gift!