Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Slippery Slope

Conversation with my mother yesterday.

Taph: Mum, do you think any of the ladies over the back would like the cr****t nylon and wooden coat hangers that Nanna gave me?
(retirement village behind my parents' house - I grew up with several hundred grandparents watching my every move through the weld mesh fence and Jejune wonders why I'm good with the over 60s!)

Mum: Yes, I'm sure they'd like them, shall I ask them to make you a couple in return?

Taph: *&$^#%&$!!*&#$.

Mum: OK, so that's a "No, but thank you very much for offering".

Taph: Um, yeah. I'll bring the box up tomorrow night.

Mum: While we're on the subject, do you want my knitting machine?

Taph: Yes, thank you very much for offfering.

Sigh. A knitting machine. It's the top of the slippery slope that will only end in me mugging those women for the cr****t nylon back.

1 comment:

Jejune said...

LOL - well, at least you were polite about it ;)

Hope the cr****t nylon is well and truly gone by now.