Monday, May 29, 2006

On my way out the door

Ok, so I'm stealth posting. I don't have a night at home until Wednesday week, so I'm squeezing this in between bites of toast (dinner), packing a bag for woodwork class, and doing a load of washing.

In reply to your comments

  • BGK will be at SnB this Thursday - you can all fight over it then. I will give it credit for acknowledging that we are not all proportionate. It has coded the patterns as suitable for big boobs, big bums, or big bellies.
  • I'll also bring my White Lies Designs patterns for those who are interested in looking.
  • I can recommed the new Vogue mag, Knit Simple. The first two issues (all they've done so far) have had good larger sized patterns in them, although the current issue has rather too much cr****t for comfort.
  • Haven't used the drop spindle yet, but will try to remember it Thursday. Maybe even bring some fleece.
  • No secrets on the pattern - it's the knitted curly whirly which I have finally got to work. Just need to finish it and photograph it and the instructions will be up on the blog. Ditto a flower embellishment using the same techniques and maybe some pretty variations on the theme using floppy yarns and beads. If someone can find me a few more hours in a day, that would be nice.
  • Heel of the green opal sock is all fixed, decreases worked and I'm on the homeward stretch.
  • I even worked a fix for the Jenny Occleshaw baby socks and am about to graft the toe of the first one. She never did send the corrected pattern. I got fed up with waiting. It might not be her pattern but it will do.
  • Got so carried away, I've done the heel of the Lacy Ribs sock as well but it's black and picking up black stitches at night just isn't going to happen, so it may be a while before I get that one finished.
  • Finished No. IV of the ex-poncho hats for the homeless. Anyone with knitted donations for the Salvos can take them to Bells Drycleaners in Canberra ATM.

I know, no pictures yet and it isn't good prose, but I'm in a hurry.

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kylie said...

ah yes i love the knit simple, nice wrap around cardi in this issue. and yes the thingy to do the unravelling with re: 'the disaster' would be much appreciated on thurs. k. ps do you have the first issue of yarn magazine i could have a look at too please...(maybe you should just bring like your entire knit library!)