Friday, May 12, 2006

The scarf, it was (not) apricot...

Reporting in to say that Miss Ann was very happy with her peacock scarf. The selfish urge to keep this item of beauty was very strong but her reaction when she opened the bag and realised it was all her very own chased away any lingering regrets. She wore it all day at work, showing everyone who walked past. This reaction is so gratifying to a knitter, particularly when half my family prefers non-knitterly gifts because knitted stuff is so much work to look after, you know. *sigh*

Despite a variety of avoidance tactics Mum's loofah is 3/4 knitted. What I don't understand is I've reached what should have been the finish mark, based on how much nylon it took to knit the first half and the nylon isn't anywhere near run out. It's cruel and those of you who are reading this and laughing (and I know who you are AND where you live) should stop right now.

What have been my avoidance tactics? Well reading kniting blogs is one of them. I have read the entire Yarn Harlot archive and am most of my way through The Panopticon archive, but I can read those and knit so it's not that effective an avoidance technique.

I went to Tuesday SnB and knitted the loofah some more, then started unpicking a wool cardigan I picked up on Monday for $1. It's destined for a dyebath and then I'll think about a project. This was a more effective avoidance technique, particularly as the creator of the baby-blue-short-sleeved-single-button-at-the-top-cardigan had stitched grosgrain ribbon down both sides of the fronts. There are no bands. It took over an hour to get the ribbon off.

I started another Butch Hat in remant greasy wool but ran out so it's unravelled and waiting for more remants. This hat was destined for one of the local charities which distributes warm clothing to the homeless. I really want to knit a few of these hats so I found the 1970s (and barely worn) poncho picked up at an op-shop on the weekend for $5 and unravelled it. The wool is lovely. Spun thick/thin with two yarns, one cream the other caramel, the poncho was heavily fringed *cack* and the edges cr****ted *retch*. Because it's naturally textured and is being knitted in double rib, there's no need to skein and relax the wool before knitting. I wound it into balls straight from the garment and am a fair way up the first hat. There's enough wool here for 6 or 7 hats. There's no goal here beyond one hat at a time.

Photos later.


kylie said...

hi there, thanks for your lovely comments on my new blog, and i would love to see that pattern book of which you speak! i am trying to get a lunch time in civic snb starting but had car trouble this week, all sorted now. will definately be at a meet soon! kylie

knittydoll said...

So many knitted good-deeds on the go hey? You are surely notching up many cosmic brownie points... Maybe the universe will reward you with actual brownies... or complete decimation of the craft formerly referred to as *cr****t*.

Jejune said...

I am *not* laughing about the loofah (snigger).... ;)

So glad you're reaping lots of knitting karma with Miss Ann's Scarf. You did well to actually part with it. Maybe gifts knitted for other people should be slightly repulsive (to yourself anyway) so you can bear to part with them? Now there's an idea for a book - "Quick Knitted Gifts You Love To Get Rid Of"

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Looking forward to seeing the hats out of the 70's poncho!

roseygirl said...

Wow! you are a busy person :) Can't wait to see the 70's poncho :)