Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Crook as Rookwood

Seasonal illness is the pits. How I know I'm sick:

  1. I'm not at work OR op-shopping
  2. I didn't go to SnB lat night
  3. I'm not going out to dinner and listening to Les Murray read poetry tonight
  4. I'm not going to the BookCrossing Booking tomorrow night
  5. Knitting seems boring and pointless.

I'm drinking water, resting and praying for a speedy recovery.


kylie said...

i am deeply concerned by the knitting is pointless and boring sympton, considering the wonders of the previous posts. get thee to a physician immediately.

ferg said...

I'm just getting better and filling your posts with joyous and witty comments and you succumb! I do agree about the doctor and try to be more forceful than I was and get something for it. My teenaged doctor was anti-antibiotics and I did better at the chemist's.
Hope it doesn't linger
Cheers Gillian
ps I rediscovered the comfort of a hot bonox.

Kate said...

Poor you!~ I used to have huge sinus infections too, until I did the gluten-free thingy. Everything feels grosse when one's sinus's have the mass equivalent of a hand-weight. If it's any help, the watch cap is gorgeous, the yarn did come up nicely. I'm up in Can'tberra again this week coming looking for a new place to board; wish me luck!